Our Cause & Our Mission

At DadHatsFactory.com, we help small non-profit groups and volunteer organizations raise cancer awareness by donating free Dad Hats (ball caps) for their particular cause.  We believe if you are dedicated enough to go out and try to make a difference, cost of promotional products should never be the issue.

Every cancer organization is equally important, no matter how big or small. Larger organizations usually have all the means in order to be successful, but we are here to support the smaller organizations as they deserve to be heard as well. Change only occurs when the public is made aware of a problem and non-profit organizations should not have to suffer because they do not have the funding to spread awareness for their cause. Whether your movement is trying to increase awareness for a particular organization or for a specific type of cancer, we want to support you!

Cancer hits very close to home for us and we believe in the power of numbers, the support that derives from it, and the hope that it promotes. There is nothing more powerful than when a group of volunteers get together and try to make this world a better place and we want to be a part of these moments.


How Is This Possible?


For every $4 that is earned on this site, we will donate $3 to non-profit cancer organizations.  We use the extra money to create more designs to keep the website fresh and exciting.  Our job is to stay as creative and innovative as possible so that we may continue to donate and sponsor your nonprofit organization.


The speed of the success of this project is based on how many dad hats are bought.  Click here to see how you can help us grow.


What If The Website Doesn’t Make Any Sales?  


That would be a bummer, but we are already getting sales!


What Does The Future Hold For Dad Hats Factory?  


Now is the time to find more cancer organizations to sponsor and hopefully have them share our program with other cancer organizations.  As more money comes in, we will be designing more and more hats.  By doing this, it will help us appeal to the masses and we expect it to bring in a lot more profits.  As for the future… the sky is the limit, but our first goal and milestone is to donate $100,000 by the end of 2017.

As for the future, the sky is the limit… but our first goal and milestone is to donate $100,000 by the end of 2017.


DadHatsFactory.com is Founded, Funded, & Sponsored by:

“We’ve centered our focus around non-profit cancer organizations because we have seen firsthand the type of impact that raising awareness can make on certain individuals as well as entire communities.  I’ve had multiple friends and family members suffer from four different cancers and the experiences we’ve gone through relating to all the different hardships is something I will never forget. I admire how hard non-profit organizations work and have also seen how difficult it can be sometimes to receive funding for a cause. A lot of volunteering and raising awareness is conducted outside through various marches and events and I think these dad hats would be perfect for any age, gender, group or organazation.” – Chris


Raising Awareness Old-School Style.

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